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Why Puzzles are Brain Boosters?

Trying to find some serious brain activity? Look no further than your game cupboard because your next brain workout can be found in a good puzzle.

Studies show it’s important to use every part of your brain to keep it from weakening over time. Solving puzzles helps the brain engage in a stimulating cognitive activity.

Basically, the more you work different parts of your brain, the easier it becomes to grow new neural connections, keeping your brain sharp. Recent studies also show that, through word puzzles, older adults are able to keep their brain level functioning up to 10 years younger their age.

Here are some of the ways puzzles can positively affect your brain:

Strengthen memory: The skills it takes to remember the different shapes and colors in a jigsaw puzzle are particularly good at strengthening short-term memory skills.

Problem-solving skills: With the amount of trial-and-error that comes along with the art of solving a puzzle, these games can help us with how we (wait for it) solve problems. Solving a puzzle shows us how to make predictions, test options and change our plans according to the outcome.

Mood-booster: When you solve a puzzle, your brain’s production of dopamine increases. This neurotransmitter helps make us feel happier and can impact our memory, motivation and concentration.

Personal productivity: Did you know that just by solving a puzzle, you can help increase your productivity? Taking some time to solve a puzzle can help reset your brain, giving you fresh energy to take on work or school projects.

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