Puzzles for toddlers ages 2 and up

Puzzles for toddlers ages 2 and up

Puzzles are an ideal way to engage toddlers and help them develop their critical thinking skills in a fun and meaningful way. With our selection of 6 educational puzzles designed specifically for toddlers ages 2-up, you can make learning engaging, stimulating, and enjoyable!

Jumbo Alphabet Tracing Puzzle

Introduce toddlers to the fundamentals of the alphabet with this jumbo tracing puzzle! This interactive, jumbo-sized floor puzzle comes with two pieces per letter, each containing a traceable, art piece depicting an item that begins with said letter-- representing fun ways to learn the sounds and shapes of letters. Your toddler will love putting the alphabet pieces together over and over again as they build their phonics skills and refine their tactile coordination.

Wooden Puzzle: Stack and Count

This wooden number and stack puzzle is perfect for toddlers 2–and-up! With colorful, chunky pieces and educational numbers etched in bright colors, your toddler will learn how to count to 10 as they review their colors. Each piece can easily be fit together to form a complete stack—showing toddlers the joy of stepping-stones! Once their masterpiece is complete, they can also do a little word building exercise with the brightly colored letters around the perimeter of the number stack puzzle.

Color & Shape Matching Puzzles

Color and shape matching puzzles are a great way to introduce toddlers to some early learning concepts. Our selection of colorful wooden puzzle pieces comes in circles, stars, squares, and triangles with bright colors imprinted over them. As they put the pieces together to solve the puzzle, your toddler will develop visual processing skills, learn basic colors and shapes, as well as enhance their problem-solving skills. Not to mention check off one of their fun daily activities!

Counting with toys and objects puzzles.

This type of puzzle encourages toddlers to use everyday objects and toys to help them count. To set up this activity, place several items such as animals, cars, or geometric shapes on a table and provide your child with a handful of items. Ask your child to identify the objects, then let them count how many are present. Your toddler can use their hands or other counting tools to figure out how many items there are in each pile – the activity is fun and teaches the basics of counting and number recognition at the same time!

Pattern identification puzzles.

Another great puzzle for toddlers is to teach them pattern identification. Begin by drawing a simple grid such as a two-by-two square on a piece of paper. Provide your child with several items such as animals, toys, shapes or colors, and ask them to arrange the pieces in the order you've given them. As they place each object, they will start to recognize different patterns and can eventually complete a series of increasingly complex puzzles

First Number Puzzle Set

Give your toddler’s counting skills a boost with the first number puzzle set. This 10-piece number puzzle comes in vivid colors, imprinted with numbers from one to ten. Let them engage their fine motor skills and stretch their brains as they match each number to its formation― placing the #7 triangle over the corresponding triangle piece, or matching up the #6 circle with its design on the wooden board.


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