How to make your own I Spy games

"I Spy" games are a fun and engaging way for children to improve their observation skills and vocabulary. These games are also easy to make and can be customized to suit the child's age and interests. I spy games are a great accompaniment to a road trip with kids. In this post, we will show you how to make your own I Spy game at home using simple materials and a little bit of creativity.

Materials needed:

A piece of paper or card stock


Glue or tape

Small objects or trinkets (such as buttons, beads, or small toys)

A pen or marker


Start by selecting a piece of paper or card stock to use as the base for your I Spy game. The size of the paper will depend on how many objects you want to include in the game.


Next, gather a variety of small objects or trinkets that you would like to use in the game. These can be anything from buttons, beads, or small toys, but make sure they are small enough to fit on the paper.

Using a pen or marker, write a list of the objects that you have chosen on the side of the paper. This will be the key that the child can use to identify the objects in the game.

Now it's time to create the game board. Using glue or tape, attach the objects to the paper in random locations. Make sure they are spaced out and not too close together.

Once you have attached all the objects, your I Spy game is complete! Give the game to a child and challenge them to find all the objects on the list.

To make it more challenging and fun you can add a time limit or can give them a prize for finding all the objects.

This is a basic example of how to make your own I Spy game at home. You can be creative with this and make different themes, like using pictures instead of objects or different shapes and colors. The possibilities are endless, and the children are sure to have a great time playing!

In conclusion, making your own I Spy game is a fun and easy way to keep children entertained while also helping them to improve their observation skills and vocabulary. With a little bit of creativity, you can customize the game to suit the child's age and interests, making it a fun and engaging activity for everyone.

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