Games and Crafts for Learning the Alphabet

Games and Crafts for Learning the Alphabet

Learning the alphabet can be fun and exciting with these creative games and activities! From crafts to puzzles, there are plenty of ways to help your child or students boost their early literacy skills while having a blast.

Alphabet Spy Puzzle

In this innovative puzzle, the kids get to spy the hidden alphabets in the graphic after they put the puzzle together. Give your toddlers and preschoolers a head start in letter recognition and lay the foundation for early reading success and improve kid’s attention span. Spy puzzles challenges kids’ observation skills and improves spatial awareness and visual learning.

Alphabet Matching Game

A great way to practice the alphabet with young learners is to have them match uppercase and lowercase letters with this Alphabet Matching Game. Cut out a variety of shapes, trace and cut both uppercase and lowercase versions of each letter on cardstock, then put them all together in a pile. Have each player draw one shape card, then find its matching alphabet letter from the pile. They can match the cards based on the shape, color or letter itself!

Alphabet BINGO

Alphabet Bingo is a great way to help young kids master their ABC’s. Create a tic-tac-toe grid and write different uppercase and lowercase letters in each square. Then give each player an Alphabet Bingo card with the same letters on it. Give each person a handful of counters (or any other type of marker) and have them mark off the corresponding letter when they hear it. The first one to get three in a row wins!

Alphabet Sensory Bin Activity

Make learning fun with an Alphabet Sensory Bin filled with ABC-related items. Fill a large bin with items that represent the alphabet, such as cotton balls for the letter ‘C’, pompoms for the letter ‘P’, and confetti for the letter ‘R’. While keeping track of the letters and their associated objects, ask your child to find and identify each item. You can also have your kid practice writing their letters in a tray or on paper by tracing over the items they can see in the sensory bin.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Join in on the alphabet-finding adventure and challenge your child to go on a scavenger hunt for letters. Provide your child with a bag or bin to collect all the ABCs they can find within a given area like the house, office, park, or any other environment. Put them in order once they have collected all their letters and practice saying words that start with each letter of the alphabet while they hold up each one.

Lacing Letters Craft

Get out the popsicle sticks and lace to create a playful alphabet craft. Paint each wooden stick a different color and write one letter of the alphabet on each stick. Place a piece of paper in front of your child with a special design dot-printed on it. Have your child match up their laces with the letters they have painted onto the sticks, spelling words or forming designs as they go along. The perfect way to have fun while practicing literacy skills!

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