6 Fun and engaging number games for kids

6 Fun and engaging number games for kids

Teaching number to kids can be challenging. But playing with numbers can be so much fun.  

There are many number games that you can start playing with your kids that will teach them basic math skills, such as number recognition, counting and addition. Here are 6 number games that can help you keep your kids entertained while also broadening their knowledge in math.

Number Spy Puzzles – After you put the puzzle together, start spying the hidden numbers in the graphic.

This Montessori math puzzle will get kids away from the electronics and immersed in an exciting puzzle game that will help them learn key concepts. The number spy puzzle secretly teaches number identification skills and is challenging and fun with a hint of spy. It’ll give them a head start in number recognition and lay the foundation for early reading and math success, so they're way ahead of the curve

Make & Break – Create equations with the numbers in a row, and be the first to get rid of all your numbered tiles.

Make & Break is a great game to help your kids practice their math skills while having fun. In this game, each player will be given numbered tiles that they need to use to create equations that equal ten. The first person to build and solve equations with all of their tiles wins the game! It's a challenging but entertaining way to help your child learn different methods of addition and subtraction.

Number Charades - Guests act out a number without speaking, and players try to guess what it is.

Number Charades is another fun and easy game for kids. It’s a great way to increase their concentration and teach them that numbers come in all shapes and sizes. To begin, each guest will act out a number without speaking or making any noise at all. The other players then need to try and guess the number correctly. This game is especially helpful for young children who are just starting to learn more about numbers and counting.

Four in a Row - Place your chips on each block to score as many points as possible.

Four in a Row is a classic number game for kids that’s easy to learn and fun to play. The goal is to connect four of your chips in a row before your opponent does. To set up the board, ask your child to place the chips on each block so that there are no more than four chips on any given row. Each player will take turns placing chips in order to score as many points as possible. This game is great for improving math skills like counting, addition, and subtraction.

Counting Hopscotch - Jump from one square to the next saying the correct number out loud.

Counting Hopscotch is a fun and engaging number game for young kids. Set up your hopscotch game and have your child start in the first square, then encourage them to jump from one square to the next, saying the correct number out loud. If your child gets stuck on a number, help them find it or give verbal prompts to help them along. This game is great for developing counting skills and improving their confidence with numbers.

Dice Race - Players roll dice and race to accomplish bigger addition or subtraction problems before anyone else!

In this game, each player needs at least one dice and something to write with. Establish specific players’ turns and then have them shake their die and write the number down, quickly adding or subtracting it as they move around the 3X3 grid. The first player to reach their predetermined end goal (e.g., getting to 50) is the winner! Rolling higher numbers adds a fun challenge for older kids.
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